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The Kampot pepper is one of the worldwide most appreciated strain of pepper. Every year are approximately 350’000 tons of pepper harvested, whereof only 30 tons are called Kampot pepper. This pepper has a protected origin certification (so it can only be grown in a very small area). The farmers are guided by very strict restrictions and they have to produce by organic guidelines as soon as the pepper belongs to the label of „Kampot Pepper“. The high quality of the pepper is justified by several reasons: the ideal climate and soil composition, the knowledge from over 1’000 years of hard work from the Cambodian farmers as well as the very careful crop by hand. All this factors provide this amazing and unmistakeable intensity and variety of its taste.

We offer three different kinds of pepper which are all from the same plant but are very different in taste and they are perfect in completing each other in the whole variety of tastes.

schwarzer Kampot Pfeffer
Black Kampot Pepper

The black Kampot pepper is very appreciated in the Haute Cuisine and famous for his culinary quality. The fruits are harvested when they begin to ripen and get a green-yellow color and are dried for a few days in the sun. The pepper is handpicked and only the best grains are used for further usage. The taste is very pungent with a subtle case of eucalyptus, thyme and mint. The pepper has a mild intensity. We recommend this pepper for meat, vegetables, Italian meals and  even fish. One could say it fits with everything.


roter Kampot Pfeffer
Red Kampot Pepper

The red Kampot pepper is very seldom –  real red pepper from the Kampot area has a very intense and fruity taste. It is one of the most valuable and best peppers in the world. Very ripe fruits are harvested by hand eight weeks after the black pepper and are then sun-dried. It’s really important to preserve the diligence to guarantee the quality of the very sensible pepper fruits. When the pepper dries, it gets a dark brown color, however, the fruity taste stays. The spiciness is in the middle range and it has a fruity and subtle sweet departure. We recommend it with premium meat, vegetables and fish (add the freshly ground pepper at the end). It lends beef, veal, venison, poultry, pork and fish a special taste. It also fits very well with desserts or fruits and adds the final touch to its taste.


weisser Kampot Pfeffer
White Kampot Pepper

White pepper is harvested shortly before his full ripeness, about four weeks after the black pepper. It is soaked in water for a few days so the farmers can peel of the skin easier. The peeled pepper grains are also sun-dried and then handpicked. The production of the white pepper is very sophisticate and expensive, which can be seen in its higher price.

The white pepper has a subtle taste of fresh citrus and as well a strong spiciness. We recommend it with veal, vegetables and fish (add it freshly ground to the meal).

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